Good thing you stopped to read this!

You just saved yourself some money.  How?

Three ways:

  1. Most people go right into promo product shopping mode. They spend 30 minutes ... two hours ... whatever it takes to become dizzy looking at the hundreds of thousands of promotional marketing solutions in our database. They could avoid those costly hours by telling us about their event. We're happy to do the research at no charge!
  2. Most people choose obvious items.  Who can blame them? They haven't spent over 20 years developing relationships with our manufacturers and matching unique marketing products to specific marketing objectives. But we have, and we take product selection seriously – so companies like yours are remembered and receive more business in return.
  3. Most people think of promotional products as "giveaways" or "swag." Not you. As if you want to give away your money. You know this is one of the most effective ways to leverage your marketing dollar and create repeated exposure to your brand. Believe in promotional branding and let others throw money out the window

Call us and put Logos and Promos to work for you. We'll ask the right questions to ensure you're excited with our solutions and the results they create for your business.