ha3We’re all familiar with the corporate shirts that no one wears out in public. They’re poorly designed, tossed out at parades, given away at any opportunity in the hopes that someone will wear them. And people do wear those lackluster shirts: while mowing the lawn, scrubbing the floor, or grilling out back…all places where no one is going to see them. After they’ve got enough tears and grease on them they’re tossed in the trash, and people are glad to be rid of them. It’s not like they were ever going to wear them out in public, anyway.

So what good were they? Did they do anything other than to have your business associated with something that people hide in the back of their closet? Do you really want to have your business thought of as the business that people are ashamed to be associated with, all because of poor design poorly printed?

What you really want is something that people are going to be proud to wear out in public. Corporate t-shirts that your employees are proud to acknowledge, wearing them to restaurants instead of immediately donating them to Goodwill. You need design that looks so good that, when people ask your employees what the shirt is all about, they’ll be proud to talk about where they work and why that shirt was so important to your business.

promotional-clothing-1If you’re giving your shirt away to the public, you’ll want to be sure to create promotional clothing designs that are so interesting that they’ll want to keep it in their constant rotation. Unless you’re Under Armor or Nike, it probably won’t come as a surprise to you that your company logo isn’t something that they want front and center on their chest. That’s right, your corporate t-shirts can’t be too corporate.

Luckily, you have Logos and Promos on your side. Contact us when you want design that will make people want to wear your name out in public. Contact us today to get started.