apparel1We’ve talked a lot about why it’s so important to get good design on your corporate apparel, whether you’re giving it out as promotional clothing or keeping it in-house for you employees. While you should be sure to always get something that people are proud to wear, we can think of three times when you certainly don’t want to skip on your corporate clothing.


Loyalty should be rewarded, and high-quality, well-designed apparel is a great way to tell employees that you’re happy they’ve stuck around. Five-year jackets are a great idea, then patches for each year after. Lucky for you, we can design both here at Logos and Promos.


Speaking of loyalty, is there any better time to reward an employee than when they’re celebrating their retirement? Sure, maybe you’ll get them a watch, maybe you’ll have cake. But a top-of-the-line corporate jacket that they’ll always treasure is what they’re really looking for. They stuck around for a long time, and that means that they’re proud of where they work. No one will wear your company’s clothing more.

Project Completion

corporate-apparel-1If your business has a lot of long-term projects — getting that video up or that software released or that case closed or that deal landed — finishing is something to be proud of. Any project that lasts more than year and has a definite completion date deserves to be rewarded with high-quality corporate apparel.

When you’re looking for corporate apparel that your employees (past and present) will be proud to wear out in public for years to come, you need Logos and Promos. We’d love to work with you on all of your special projects.