In our previous article we talked all about the differences between screen printing and embroidery when it comes to your unique promotional products and corporate apparel. Now we’re going to talk a little bit about how both of these can come together to get your company name out there. But we’re not talking about giveaways during a parade or a trade show; we’ve just talking about how corporate apparel and other gift items work via your employees.

What They Wear At The Office

You probably do whatever you can do foster companionship and teamwork in your office, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to remind everyone that they’re on the same team. One way to do this is to give them all the same piece of clothing. While they’re certainly not going to wear it every day, it’s a simply way to remind each of them that they’re all in this together. When one person wears the shirt for their team, it’s a reminder to everyone that everyone on the team is valuable. Oh, and it’s always fun when two people accidentally wear the shirt on the same day and get called out for being twins!

If you’re highlighting a specific team, screen printing seems to be the best way to go. If you’re buying for the whole company, embroidery will last them a long time.

What They Wear When At Events

Heading to a ballgame with your department? Have everyone wear the XYZ shirt. Going to a trade show? Keep tabs on everyone by having them wear the ABC shirt. It’s a great way to keep everyone together, pick them out in a crowd, and get your company’s name out there at the same time. After all, team events need team shirts! (And if it’s a really special event, make some screen printed shirts specifically for it.)

When They’re Out and About

Employees take corporate apparel home. Sometimes they put it on their side of the closet, sometimes they give it to their spouse or kids. It really doesn’t matter who wears it at that point, as long as it looks cool enough to wear outside. Speaking of which, now is a good time to remind you that you need great design, because bad design is going to just sit in the closet and gather dust. You want something that your employees and their families will wear to the mall, something that a salesman will ask about even as they’re shopping. Get your logo and your company’s name out in public!

What They Give Away

Eventually every employee has enough shirts, and they’ll start sending their old ones to the donation center. Great! Now somebody else is going to find that shirt on the rack and, if it has a unique design, it’s going to go on making corporate impressions for you.

Logos and Promos is more than happy to help you design that perfect piece of corporate apparel in order to make the most impressions on your employees and the public as possible. When you’re looking for the best, contact us right here.