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Your company logo on a shirt. Really. Not to be a Negative Nancy but…who cares? Even your employees are bored with their own swag. Why not turn it up a notch with a screen-printed design or message that people on the street can’t help but ask the wearer about? With the right help, it’s easier than you would think. As printing and design beasts, we take your corporate apparel to the next level of awesome.

Local businesses have the unique opportunity of using their staff as walking billboards for their business. When they do make advocates out of each team member, the message often falls flat with boring logos and company mottos that don’t turn heads or elicit laughs.

Let us help you create promotional clothing that actually promotes you in fun and innovative ways. The same ways that make people pause and ask questions. The same ways that make people remember seeing your name, making them call you for your services.

Working as your partner, we’ll dig to find those nuggets of wisdom or frivolity that engages. Adding culturally-relevant, fresh, and fashionable graphics that are unique, we blast your unique company voice for all to hear.

We offer many decorating options including, but not limited to:

For custom branded apparel that’s uncommon, refreshing, and even provocative (if you’d like), use our product recommendations page or contact our customer care team today.

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